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Prepare Your Child For Future Success!

Private tuition is a great way to supplement your child’s education and help them excel. Our highly qualified tutors offer unmatched English tutoring services, using tailored teaching methodologies for Key Stage 1 and 2 students.

It is time to give your child a head start by enrolling them in our year 1 and 2 English tuition program with a qualified KS1 English tutor or KS2 English tutor.

We Know How To Engage Young Learners

Early year group tuition is vital as it establishes the child’s solid foundation before progressing to the higher key stages. In the UK, parents prefer to hire a KS1 tutor for 5-year-old children to help them develop core skills in English. At United Tuition Group, we know how to work with students of this young age and maintain their interest in learning.

Key Stage 1 tutoring from United Tuition Group covers both years 1 and 2 of English and the first and second years.

Catering To All English Learning Styles

KS1 and KS2 English tutoring usually involves working with a tutor on a one-to-one basis, or in very small groups. The tutors will help the child understand and complete their work by providing extra support and explanations as needed. Our tutors also give the child feedback on their work and help them to identify areas that need improvement.

 KS1 and KS2 tutoring is beneficial for children who are struggling with their schoolwork, or who are not making the progress they should be. It can also be helpful for children who are finding it difficult to keep up with their classmates. United Tuition Group helps children in building the confidence and motivation they need to succeed in their studies.

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Why United Tuition Group?

If you believe that your child needs a little extra assistance when it comes to Key Stage English, we are here to offer the best help out there. We don’t just have the best teachers at our disposal but also a curriculum that helps students achieve their true potential and academic goals.

All the teachers are well-versed in the UK National Curriculum and follow that diligently to ensure that students are learning what is required of them. Plus, they have quite the experience in conducting online tuitions and are proficient in conveying their knowledge to the students virtually.


Call us for KS3 Tutor now and talk to our experts about finding just the right fit for your child. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

Google Reviews

Naila Asad
Naila Asad
My experience with united Tution group was really good. Would highly recommend
Steve Wilkinson
Steve Wilkinson
Tahir helped out with my sons GCSE science preparations and fitted us in at short notice. The sessions have boosted his confidence massively-Thank you.
Tazim Chowdhury
Tazim Chowdhury
Great teaching with good value for money. I would definitely recommend it
lina -
lina –
Highly recommend the United Tuition Group! They have made it easier to connect to fantastic tutors and take part in online /home lessons easily.
Idrees Ahmad
Idrees Ahmad
Excellent service
Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad
Thank you very much for Wonderfull and impressive services. I would highly recommend them to everyone.
LB_ Ksv
LB_ Ksv
lessons were very good and gave me a good boost before my gcses helped me alot👍